Santa Rita of Casia
Who was Santa Rita?

Rita was born in Casia, Italy, the year 1381. As a child she demonstrated her devotion for God. Nevertheless, obeying her parents, who had destined for her the marriage, so very young she joined a young man of the village. Her matrimonial life was a martyrdom, as her husband was a player, drinker and use to beat her.

She gave birth to couple of twin. As the year pass by, and during the same year, the life wrested her from all her family; her husband was murdered and her children died of a serious disease. Once alone she decided that she wanted to dedicate her life to God, but because she was a widow they denied her the possibility to enter the convent.

A miraculous episode happened then: one night a few angels appeared and took her and introduced her in Casia’s Convent from where it had been rejected before. This not only proves the purity of spirit but also her real devotion. To prove her obedience, the Superiors from the convent, entrusted her to water every day a dry vineshoot of grapevine.

Rita attended with great diligence in spite of the mocking smiles of the other religious. A God’s miracle did that the plant was re-dressing of big clusters of exquisite grape. Rita died the year 1457, after suffering for four years a painful and unknown disease. She is declared a Saint in 1900. She is known as the saint of the Impossible Reasons.