Doña Paula Restaurant
Doña Paula Restaurant

Restaurant Doña Paula (currently a National Monument) was baptized to honor Madame Paula Jaraquemada, who owned over 200 years ago the main house of the Santa Rita Estate.

Doña Paula Restaurant

The Estate became the setting for significant historical occurrences associated to Chile’s independence. General Bernardo O’Higgins and his 120 soldiers took refuge there after a battle against the forces of the Spanish Crown.  The winery created the well-known Santa Rita 120 range to honor the 120 patriots.

Doña Paula Restaurant – open for lunch and evenings for special events – has been mentioned by specialized critics as the best restaurant outsider Santiago and has had to broaden its facilities to accommodate a larger public.

People paying a visit may also call in on the facilities of the Plant located in Buin, including the Andean Museum.  Doña Paula has a wine shop with an open wine tasting bar where you may also acquire our products.

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RESERVES: (+56 2) 2 362 2590