New Maipo Valley sector brand to promote wine tourism in Santiago
Santa Rita is part of this wine region with the greatest number of wineries open to tourism in Chile.

The Santiago
Regional Tourism Corporation’s project entitled “The Creation of the Maipo
Valley Wine Tourism Destination” was approved on December 24, 2017. The project
seeks to create a sector brand that includes products, services, and
experiences with a single well-planned over-arching program to promote the
Maipo Valley and its wine tourism characteristics around the world.

The Maipo
Valley has more wineries open to tourism than any other wine region in Chile.
It has 10,000 hectares planted to vine and more than 60 wineries in various
formats (garage, boutique, family, and large wineries), 30 of which welcome

For Claudio
Orrego, the Intendant of the Metropolitan Region and the President of the
Santiago Regional Tourism Corporation, the approval of this project means that
“for the first time we can promote wine tourism through the Maipo Valley sector
brand so that the tourists who arrive in Santiago as well as the local
residents know that there is a large wine tourism offer just 30 minutes from
downtown and that it is not necessary to travel to other regions to visit and
enjoy what we have right here in the Metropolitan Region.”

Elena Carretero, Viña
Santa Rita’s Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, said that
uniting the wineries through this new Maipo Valley sector brand will help
promote wine tourism more than ever.

“Santiago de Chile is the only capital in the
world that is also the center of a wine region, and therefore, tourists who
enter Chile through the Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport have quick
access to a wide range of wineries in the Maipo Valley, which is recognized
worldwide for the quality of its Cabernet Sauvignons”, she added.