New Exhibition, “Santa Rita: A historic monument in the Maipo Valley,” in the Andean Museum

A temporary exhibit inspired by the book “Santa Rita: A historic monument in the Maipo Valley” will be on display for three months in the Andean Museum in Alto Jahuel. The exhibition will show a synthesis of the winery’s history, beginning in the year 400 AD to the present. This initiative was undertaken by the Claro Vial Foundation with the support of Viña Santa Rita through Chile’s Cultural Donation Law.

Viña Santa Rita named “Value brand of the year” by influential US magazine Wine & Spirits

The celebrated publication declared that the winery produces some of the best Cabernet Sauvignons in Chile. The 2013 Santa Rita Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon was one of the most highly praised wines in the magazine, confirming once again the quality of the Alto Maipo Valley.

Viña Santa Rita one of nine companies named as finalists for the 2016 Carlos Vial Espantoso prize

The prize is awarded annually to companies with excellent labor relations.

Baltazar Sánchez appointed Chairman of the Board at Viña Santa Rita

At a meeting, Board members voted to appoint Baltazar Sánchez Guzmán as Chairman of the Board of Viña Santa Rita and Arturo Claro Fernández as Vice Chairman.

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