Santa Rita adds new winemaker to strengthen its 120 line
Oscar Salas will join the team as the new Head Winemaker for Santa Rita’s primary brand on October 3 to enhance the winery’s strategy to bring the wine closer to consumers.

120 will continue its renovation process, which is associated with the brand’s new campaign, which includes an updated design and a global alliance with Arsenal

120, Chile’s top-selling wine brand, has a long tradition at Viña Santa Rita and will continue its renovation process and announces the arrival of a new winemaker who will lead this well-known line’s enological project.

The new winemaker Oscar Salas previously worked at Terra Andina (another of Grupo Santa Rita’s wineries) from 2005–2011, during which time he helped the winery achieve significant growth and international recognition through the development of emblematic wines, such as Suyai, which received numerous distinctions in Chile and abroad.

Salas, whose most recent post was Head Winemaker at Viña Sutil, was behind important work in the commercial area, which enabled him to develop great insight into consumer tastes, both in the domestic and international markets. He is known for making well-balanced and complex wines with harmony in aroma, structure, and acidity and that faithfully express their terroir.

The 120 line’s new winemaker will arrive on October 3 to replace Carlos Gatica, who, after 11 years of important contributions at Santa Rita, is embarking on a search for new professional challenges. “His special attention to detail to ensure quality and his constant level of excellence has certainly helped position 120 as one of our most successful globally exported wines,” members of the company have said.

Salas, who will also take charge of the Medalla Real and Secret Reserve wines, comes onboard to strengthen the new strategy of bringing the wine closer to consumers. He will also transform a complement to the strategy of renovation that the brand has been working on, which not only has a new design and packaging, but also has different positioning with an exportable idea and universal communication.

The updated 120 image is accompanied by the new “Live the 120 Life” campaign and calls consumers to share, have fun, be happy, and enjoy the simple times in life. In this same context, Santa Rita and Arsenal signed an alliance a few months ago that makes 120 the first official wine sponsor of this Premier League football team, where Chilean player Alexis Sánchez is a key member.