• 2012
    • Winemaker's comments:

      This intense ruby-red Merlot offers black fruit aromas with floral and spicy notes complemented by notes that develop as it ages in oak barrels. The palate has a sweet attack, a fruity mid-palate and a firm backbone that extends through the pleasingly long finish.

    • Vinification:

      The grapes were hand picked into 400-kg bins. 10% of the bunches were deposited whole into the fermentation tank and the rest were destemmed without crushing. The grapes underwent a week-long cold soak prior to fermentation at 28ºC with délestage (rack and return) for additional extraction during the first two-thirds of the process and then received daily pumpovers until the end. The new wine remained on its skins for a period for greater balance.

    • Technicals details:

      • Alcohol: 14.4%
      • Total Acidity: 5.45 g/l (Expressed in tartaric acid)
      • Residual Sugar: 2.69 g/l
      • pH: 3.53

Vineyard: Colchagua

    • Location:

      181 km. to the south of Santiago 45 km. from the coast.

    • Surface:

      348 ha.

    • Varieties:

      Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Carménère

    • Climate:

      Highly influenced by the Cordillera de la Costa. Very dry and warm climate; dry summers and wet winters.

    • Average annual temperature:

      14,9 ºC (57 ºF).

    • Average annual rainfall:

      595 mm.

    • Soil:

      Soil of volcanic origin. Soils of clayish texture, franco/clayish and sandy.