Our Valleys
Our Valleys
Limarí Valley Limarí
Casablanca Valley Casablanca
Leyda Valley Leyda
Maipo Valley Maipo
Colchagua Valley Colchagua
Apalta Valley Apalta
Curicó Valley Curicó

Today, the Santa Rita vineyards are located in the best and most diverse Chilean terroirs in order to ensure the best growth and development of each and every variety.

The winery now has more than 3,000 hectares planted to vine in the country’s most highly esteemed valleys, such as Limarí(134 hectares), Casablanca (312 hectáreas), Leyda (80 hectares), Maipo (1.282 hectáreas), Rapel (1.273 hectares), and Curicó (186 hectares).

This tremendous geographic diversity allows our growers and winemakers to create a wide range of very high quality wines from specific terroirs.

Over the past decade Santa Rita’s viticulturists have adopted a number of practices to enhance site and varietal character including: sustainable agriculture, better clone material, improved trellising and irrigation techniques, balanced vine viticulture, restricted yields, leaf and canopy management, later harvesting, individual block farming, and small-lot vinification.

Viña Santa Rita’s vast experience, in conjunction with the latest technology, is reflected in the making of high quality wines that have earned major awards and distinctions in Chile and abroad over the course of its 120 years of history.