Apalta Valley

Located in a winegrowing valley for Premium wines, the Apalta valley is in the very center of the Colchagua valley, 190km south of Santiago. It is an ideal place for growing vines that need higher temperatures to reach maturity than other varieties.

Apalta Valley

Here the thermal conditions are sub-humid with an annual average temperature of 14.7ºC (58ºF) and average rainfall of 684mm. The most important climatic factor in Apalta is thermal oscillation, which can exceed 20ºC. There is almost never any frost.

There are three types of soil in the valley. In the high and medium zone, there is granite sediment deposit at the bottom of the hillsides of loam-sandy-clayish texture (high zone) and loam and sandy (medium zone). The low zone is characterized by alluvial deposits of loam-clayish and clayish texture.


Center of the  Colchagua valley 190 km. to the south of Santiago.


148 ha.


Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Carménère.


High thermal oscillation. Cool breeze coming off the coast through the Tinguiririca river. South-facing hills, less exposure and denser vegetation.

Average annual temperature

14,7 ºC (58 ºF).

Average annual rainfall

684 mm.