Limarí Valley

Located in Region IV at latitude 30°S. It has an arid Mediterranean climate. Its western sector has a strong coastal influence. By contrast, its interior is very dry and bright. Average annual rainfall is 150mm.

Limarí Valley

The middle coastal sector has an exceptional climate for the production of quality wines because it is influenced by the cold winds that come off the sea through the effect of the Humboldt current. This soil-climate agroclimatic condition makes possible the production of white wines of intense aroma and red wines of deep color and welcome acidity.


28 km. 17.5 miles from the Pacific Ocean 400 km. (248.5 miles) to the north of Santiago.


134 ha.


Chardonnay, Syrah and Carmnénère.


Very influenced by proximity to Pacific Ocean and low altitude of the Cordillera de la Costa in this area. Frequent morning mist.

Average annual temperature

15,3 ºC (60 ºF).

Average annual rainfall

150 mm.


Alluvial deposits with a first layer of clay and a second franco/clayish layer with stones. Calcium carbonate deposits between both layers.