Reserva Especial


120 is a brand of tradition and history, which exists for the purpose of making the concept of wine something simple, genuine and open to an amazing experience. Living la Vida 120 means taking advantage of the simple side of life, enjoying every moment with the people you love, with no complications and in the sincerest way possible, sharing a good wine with friends and family.



Technical details

Varieties 100% Carménère
pH: 3.62
Total Acidity: 5.25 g/l
Alcohol Content: 13.2 % vol
Residual Sugar: 3.39 g/l

Winemaker's comment

120 Carménère is an illustrative variety of Chilean wines, dominated by aromas of black and red fruits and spices. Its silky, deep tannins make it very easy to drink, and very versatile to pair with a broad diversity of foods.

Climate & soil

Mediterranean, semi-humid climate with rain concentrated in the winter months with rainfall levels of 700mm per year. During the summer months, winds from the east and west produce major thermal oscillations with low temperatures by night. Alluvial-type soils, stratified, soft rolling hills, loamy with basic pH.


Grapes harvested in May, destemmed and crushed, alcoholic fermentation begins (yeast) at temperatures between 25 and 28 °C (80 °F) with open pump-overs. Once alcoholic fermentation has ended, wines are racked and the marc is pressed.


Ideal with lamb, mature cheese, Bolognese pasta, chicken and stews.

Ageing Potential

3 to 5 years.




The climate of the central zone is Mediterranean with a great thermal oscillation between day and night and an average humidity between 55% and 60% and maximum temperatures during the summer above 30 ° C.

Soil and surface

At the foot of the Andes mountain range the soil is silty and of excellent drainage, it is carefully combined with the soils located in the area near the Cordillera de la Costa which are heavier and have a combination of silt and clay.